DSLR Cameras – an addition you will never regret


Are you a shutter bug? Do you look at images shot by your friends and family and appreciate the beauty of their execution? You may also be very critical about the execution or the angle at which they are shot. May be you find yourself gazing too long at a picture trying to figure out what went wrong in it to not have got the desired result.

If you are all that and even more, you are freaking interested in photography. And by now what you thought was your hobby or just a way to earn your livelihood and taken over your life and you now house a secret passion for it. Well not a secret anymore. Because if you are constantly having the urge to click pictures that will last a life time or may be staying in some museum for the progeny, you better go out now and buy yourself a DSLR camera!

Here is a list of  s in the market today:

1. The Canon EOS 5DS is the one to go to if photography is your life. The exterior and the interior so complement each other that you will never feel that you are working. The image quality is too good.

2. The Canon EOS 7D is feature rich but still well priced. The autofocus is the latest feature to be added and it makes it a perfect candy to hold. It is weather proof and gives healthy images even in low lighting.

3. The Canon EOS 80D is a dream come true for the hobby photographers. The price is well tagged and the still and video quality is drool worthy.

4. The Canon Rebel T6i boasts of wow features and is an improvement from the most famous 5i series. Even though there is not much of a difference in upgrade between the two, still it is regarded slightly superior in quality. The Canon Rebel T5i is a precursor to this model and even though it did not have great features, a lot of photographers will swear that the quality of image is very good. Incidentally, almost all the photographers start on it because the function buttons are logically set and it is extremely ergonomic to hold and work too. It is most times referred to as the best Canon DSLR camera too.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i review:

This cam which was launched in the year 2013 was the part of the Rebel series. Canon has quickly refreshed this series from Ti to 6Ti in a gap of ten months each. This model is 1.8 ounces lighter than its predecessors. The weight does matter because carrying heavy equipments in the hand as long as it takes to shoot can be a daunting task. Even though T5i and T4i are identical in their specifications, the succeeding model will win hands down for its smoother exterior finish and light weight.

The T5i has the ability to get used with the STM technology or the automatic changing of lenses by the equipment by tracking the need and the subject matter of the image.

Nikon DSLR reviews:

Nikon has been Canon’s competitor a long as we can remember. Nikon is extremely versatile in technology and it also has the price advantage on its side. But at entry level cameras, a lot of people only prefer to pick up a canon. If you are also stuck on the question that which brand you must go to, we would recommend that you read about the individual features of them both before deciding which one will work for you best.

How To Choose And Use Your Microphone The Right Way?

Your effort just does not stop at buying the right microphone. There are technical controls which have to be appropriately handled to ensure that you use the microphone the right way. There is a manual provided along with your microphone kit which will provide ample insight.

Further, you can visit the official website of the particular product. There will be relevant videos, faqs which can come in handy. They may also provide tips and tricks that most other website do not provide. The social media is so rampant that you will definitely find a few helpful videos online to guide you through the product.

There are so many questions on your mind when you buy a microphone, like what Sennheiser e835 can offer????, what is in stock: blue yeti microphone, Audio technica at2020?? Where will I get the most authentic Shure sm7b N review?? There is help online, most definitely. You will have to wade through volumes of data to find the relevant information. Here’s a look at how to choose and use your microphone.

How to use your microphone?

You will have to first assess the usage of your microphone. If you are going to use it for vocals or instruments, then you need certain types of controls. On the contrary if you intend to use it for home – studio recording, then you need a powerful mike with relevant capabilities. If you are looking for generic mics which adapt to situations based the type of recording. The mic has to be compatible with your software applications and OS of your computer. If you are an amateur musician who cannot afford to record in studios with high-end capabilities, these mics may come in handy. If you are a passionate enthusiast, then you should consider investing a sizeable amount in a good microphone.

Many models allow for different types of recording. For example many Shure sm7b N review suggest that it is a go-to mic which can be used for various recordings by tweaking the settings as one wishes. Another very popular microphone is the blue yeti microphones. Both these are from very good manufacturers. They have a reasonable amount of market share and fan following.

Understanding the specifications

Polar Patterns – The common type of mics are unidirectional. They come in three polar patterns – cardioid, supercardioid and hypercardioid. They clearly reject rear axis and off-axis sounds which come from the back and sides of the mic. This makes it ideal for live recordings.

Frequency response – This refers to the frequency range. (low to high) that the microphone will be able to pick up. This is measured in hertz. A good vocal mic should have a range between 80 HZ to 15 Hz. For toms and snarer, there should be a lower hertz of 50 Hz. The bass drum sounds can be captured if the range is 40 Hz or below.

Response Curves – The shape of a microphone’s frequency responsiveness is referred to as the response curve. The response curve indicates the performance of the mic at various frequencies.

Here we tried to understand the specifications pertaining to microphones. This will help you to make an informed decision.

All About Hover boards!

We might have seen them, but, what exactly they are? So, here it is: Hover boardsare often called as Self-balancing boards or self-balancing scooters. They have 2 wheels which are placed side-by-side with a tiny platform for the wheeler to stand. The gyroscopic sensored pads recognize the riders feet movements and move according to that.

Do have any clue about those skins ofhover boards? Just like covers for laptops! We are fancied so much that we can’t stop from using those funny, crazy designs to any equipment we use, just as we have mobile skins/covers, all in different fashions ranging from simple designs to heavy ones with stones, beads and what not.

J hoverboard SKINS are also as fancied as mobile and laptop skins. They are also called as decals, stickers. They are nothing but vinyl design stickers that stick to the body of hoverboard making it look fashionable and also protect it for longer run.

There are different varieties of skins available; designs ranging from American Flag to geometric designs, glossy look etc. And there are number of companies offering them, best designs, best price deals, to fit all sizes. You need to choose from them, according to your board size and design of your choice.

Now, coming to the charging part of this device, as we said, they are mostly operated with rechargeable batteries. We know how crucial a battery are to any device, there are many concerns over the batteries. Buying the best one is little difficult, but you must choose between risks and difficulty. Asking which are the best hoverboard chargers to buy near me? Well, it isn’t going to be that difficult as we will give you a list of selected battery chargers, which are really good in terms of quality.

* Sinvitron Scooter Universal battery charger

* Green Haus Smart Balance Scooter battery charger

* Moonet Smart Self-balancing scooter charger

These are the top best models, we sure it will not burn or produce that unwanted heat while charging putting your life and device in danger. They are trusted and reviewed models.

Let’s come to the boards; we all need the best of best things. The same applies to these boards. With safety concerns too, a best one in all categories stands as a bet.

Here is the best model, Razor Hovertrax. Giving you a glance ofbest quality ™Razor Hovertrax review – [top] model in the line.

This model is china -made. The stylish design of this model is sure crowd puller. It has dual hub motors with gyroscopic technology that offers a silent and smooth ride. This hover board is easy to operate with just a slight movement of the feet. The board has anti slip platform, ensuring the

safety of the rider. The chances of slip and fall are very less due to this feature. The device can run continuously up-to 2 hours when it is fully charged and the speed goes till 6mph. This is the best device for entry level folks, like beginners, kids who don’t know to use. You can give to your kids and watch them take over it with the least effort. We hope this takes your interest.

There is one white hoverboard – online J, from Segway’s, that you can sport stylishly. Its bright colour and design is sure to make you an attention seeker. You will have heads and heels turned towards you, with this hover board.

Radar Detectors- Best out of the Rest!

In many countries, especially inside the US states, the road laws are very strict. Each citizen is supposed to adhere to the rules. Getting a driver’s license in any of the states is not all that easy, though you have lots of driving experience. There are many entrance checks before yourlicense is approved.

Have you shifted to a new city lately? Worried about the speed limits? Wondering how to travel without any problems of crossing limits, not caught by police? Don’t worry radar detectors are at your finger tip.

Radar detectors are devices used by motorists or vehicle riders to check if their speed is being monitored by the police. So these, when are fixed in your vehicles, your chances of getting a ticket for speeding offense reduces almost nil. Why don’t you invest in one?

We will help you with the list of best ones and their features, make a study and go ahead. The first one on the list is HIGH QUALITY: Escort Max 360 Radar Detector. Escort is becoming the pioneer in the industry. It has credits of producing world class radar detectors. Escort is the only company in the World to produce all digital detectors with true DSP to alert real threats accurately and fast too.

Let’s see the features, pros and cons of this model. Escort Max 360 Radar Detector is programmed with Escorts new collision avoidance sensor rejection DSP which enables it to block majority of the false alerts.

It has high definition OLED display with coloured arrows to pinpoint the exact direction of the threat. It is GPS enabled, fully digitalised to make the work faster, improved responsiveness to short duration police radar. With all these top quality features, this radar detector is going to be a bet for any other models.

Beltronics sti – the magnum of the RADARS,is another high performance model from Escort. It is perfect for entry level radar detectors, easy to use and simple, which makes it a perfect buy for an entry level. Let’s see the features of this one and why people consider it among the best!

This radar is the first of its kind, which has the ability to be invisible to other detector RDD’s. That means, your chances of getting ticketed is absolutely zero. And also this can be handy when you are working for a secret operation. This technology is called Total Shield technology or Stealth technology.

It has Digital Signal processing, Auto scan feature which analyses the signals received and filters the false ones, giving you only the correct and accurate ones. It has HD text display, City Mode filters, Clear Digital Voice alert, Escort Live App, and Automute feature.

Its strong body, which is made up of robust metal case and easy usage makes it the most sought after.

Here comes another one, Cobra XRS 9370!!! Top Choice among the other competitors, due to its compact and powerful detector which detects all the 14 radar and laser bands used by

the police. This model or version of cobra is upgraded than other ones. It also detects the latest POP radar guns used in cities and highways.

Escort Max 360 Radar Detector is a [true] best cheap radar detector. Few more to the list are: Escort Passport 9500 ix Radar detector, Valentine radar detector etc.

Hope this was a piece of useful information.

Make Your Kids Play Outside With Holy Stone Quadcopter


Modern day kids are smart and naughty as well it is difficult to keep them at one place. Their attention span is also small and they need new and exciting things to keep them occupied. Television, laptops, mobiles and tablets have been able to successfully do this.

Kids loving playing video games in their mobiles or tablets or laptops and spend a lot of time in front of these screens. Gone are the days when kids used to play football or skating outside and are more and more becoming couch potatoes. They are now happier to play these games in their mobiles.

Though this helps parents in babysitting them easily as there is no need to keep extra tab on them, it has serious side effects. Their eyes being fixed on the screen makes them to wear glasses at a young age. The kids keep playing all the time and watching a screen just before sleeping hinders the kid from having a good night’s sleep.

Obesity is also a serious problem with modern day kids, just sitting at one place and playing on a screen and eating side by side does not help the kids to grow and it increases the chance of obesity drastically.

Vitamin D which can only be easily obtained by exposing the skin to sunlight is also deficient in most kids these days as they are sitting inside their home and are glued to a screen most of the time apart from going to school. Hence it is important to get our kids to play outside.

There are some wonderful toys available to keep the kids excited. There are many drones for kidsavailable which would make for a great toy for the kids. To make it more exciting one can also fit the drones with a camera. You can fix a camera to the drone with gopro mount which makes it glued well.

Once the camera is fitted to the drone, we can set the camera in auto click mode to take pictures at regular intervals and fly the drone. Once we have the pictures ready we can insert image and link’and share it on social media with their friends.

Thus drones fitted with camera and getting them to post it on Instagram or Facebook would make them get excited and venture outside and try it out. Now you may get excited and ask are there cheap drones for me and my kids.

The answer is yes, there are many drones that are quite affordable and one can search on net and ecommerce sites. It is better to do a review and specify the budget. There are many brands that make good drones some of them are Holy stone quadcopter, Parrot Bebop etc. One can specify that you need a drone below certain USD | Parrot Bebop drone review| Holy stone quadcopter review.

With the review and budget one can choose what is best for them. One has to keep in mind on local laws and where they fly the drones to be on the safer side.

Choose The Best Survivalist Knife – Consider The Below Factors

There could be many tools that are used for multiple purposes. But, when it comes to camping or backpacking, not all the tools are helpful. The tool should be such that it fits the back bag and should not be so heavy to carry. What if you get a tool which satisfies almost all the requirements? Yes, the survivalist knife is the best tool to be carried in your back bag or in your pockets.

If you are going to get one for your camping or trekking, then there are certain points that have to be considered.

Size: One has to choose a size that is ideal for the purpose. A too big or heavy knife would not be easy to carry on the other hand a too small knife would not be ideal to chop wood. A knife of around 10 inches would be ideal. For example gerber survival knives like Gerber LMF II are of size 10.6 inches and blade is of size 4.8 inches. This would be ideal in this situation.

Type: One can choose from two types of knife that is suitable for you; fixed and foldable. Each type has its own pros and cons.

* Fixed knife: It can be used to handle any hard work such as cutting the wood, hunting small animals, to inducing fire and so on. While fixed type is a reliable survival tool, it cannot be carried in your pocket as it has sheath.

* Foldable Knife: The foldable type could be very helpful in an emergency situation as it can be readily kept in your pocket. As the foldable knife is made of two pieces, there are many chances of it breaking easily. Though it cannot be used to do hard and fast work, you can feel safe that you have an emergency knife in your pocket in case of sudden attack from wild animals.

Blade Material: The material of the knife is very important if you have to use it in different environments. At times you have to use your survival knife in a jungle and there may also be a situation where you have to use it in a wet environment like under the sea. So, choose the one that suits your environment. Generally they come in two materials

* Carbon: Knives made of carbon are stronger and sharper such that it could cut the wood easily. It can also be sharpened easily. At the same time it can rust out easily, so one has to apply lubricant regularly.

* Stainless steel: These knives are less strong than that of carbon knives but are rust resistant. So, you can carry it safely in water without any fear of rust formation.

Apart from these important features that are various other features like sheath, tang and spine that should also be considered while purchasing a knife.

Be it a fixed knife or top rated pocket knives, you can easily purchase them in many online shops. One could also get any type of survival knife like machete knife, pocket knives amazon easily.

Let it be a fixed knife or top rated pocket knives, you can easily purchase it in many online shops. One could also get any type of survival knife like machete knife, pocket knives amazon easily.

Fun 3D Printing At Home Is Now A Reality

You don’t need to be in a science fiction movie anymore to create objects out of thin air. You can now simply create a plastic toy of your favorite action superhero or your favorite cartoon character out of a printer or simply by drawing one in air.

From 3D print doodling pens for under $50 to full-fledged 3D printers under $1000 that can be used at home or in your school for various projects there are so many different options when it comes to 3D printers. So how do you know which one to choose? Read on as we give you a quick guide to finding the right match for your 3D Printing needs.

Do you really need a 3D printer?

If all you want to do is quench your curiosity about 3D printers then you can simply buy a 3D doodling pen for under $30. But if you need to create some good 3D objects then a good home 3D printer will be your best bet.

There are many different models you can choose under $1000. But if budget is a constraint, then you can look for a top deal as many online stores have them from time to time.

How to choose the right printer?

The answer really depends on what you want to use it for, but for most uses a home 3D printer will do a great job. Buying the best home 3D printer does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. Depending on your budget you can choose from budget-friendly ones like the XYZprinting Da Vinci Jr ($399) or a premium printer like the LulzBot TAZ 6 ($2,500) or resin based 3D printers like the Formlabs form 2 ($3,499).

If you are interested in more than one model, then you can do a side-by-side 3d printer comparison of features to zero in on the one that best fits your requirement. You can find many online websites which will let you do such comparisons.

I have my 3D printer. What now?

Once you buy a 3D printer, especially a home printer, you can straight away start printing your favorite things as they come ready with the required software and the printing material. It is very exciting to see three dimensional objects being printed out from a digital image.

But the fun does not last longer as you will soon run out of your printing material which is nothing but a roll of thermoplastic filaments. But this should not be a big bummer as you can easily order for re-fills from any online store. Before you GET 3d printer filaments, it is important to know what type of filament is used in your printer.

ABS and PLA are the most commonly used type of printing material. You should also refer to the instruction manual to find out the right diameter of the filament used in your printer otherwise, it will not just cause a printing failure, but can also damage your printer. Even if you are lucky, you don’t want to be spending hours cleaning up a messy printer.

Going Hands-free with Binoculars Tripod

Finding difficult in holding the binoculars for long? No more they would be. Binocular Tripods are here to ease your pain and make you stay focused.

What are binocular tripods?

Binocular tripods are stands that help you mount your equipment, helping you to focus better, giving you a clear and non-shaky image.

But why are they required?

Tripods become very important in few of the below situations:

* When you have to stand for long hours, waiting till your object of interest (bird or animal) arrives.

* You are aged to carry heavy ones

* You are unable to carry heavy ones whole day long, over the hills and all the way beyond

* You are a group of people, waiting to catch every glimpse of action

In all the above situations, you need to have a tripod, to get a better view of the image, without compromising on your comfort.

Binocular Tripod Adapters: these Adapters are the structures which help you to mount your binocular on the tripod. There are various types of them, we shall see below binocular tripod adapter [PRICE].

Tripod adapter come in two ways: Screw thread tripod adapters are the ones commonly used. The binoculars mounting point is near the central pivoting point of the binoculars. To mount, you should remove the central screw and mount from that point to your tripod, then screw them.

It always advisable to buy tripods from the same brand that you bought binoculars with. Chances are that sometimes you might not be able to mount them correctly.

There are few other adapters with central shaft fixing point, mostly found in porro prisms. If there is no thread or central shaft for fixing the adapters to the binoculars, you need not worry. You can still attach using the Universal Binocular tripod Adapters. This type first fits the adapter onto the binoculars and then that can be mounted onto the tripod.

Let’s see the Best Tripod Adapters for a better Price:

Nikon Binocular Tripod Adapters: these adapters fit to your Nikon binoculars as well as few of the other models.

The Price of this model ranges from 16-40 US dollars.

Vanguard Binocular Tripod Adapter: there are two models in this brand of adapter, BA-168 which is a plastic made and BA 185- which is made of metal.

This model price varies between 10-20 US Dollars.

Zeiss Universal Binofix Tripod Adapter: this brand gives a Universal adapter, which fits any other models of binoculars without much hassle.

The price of this model varies from 150-200 US Dollars.

Zhumell Binoculars

Zhumell Binoculars are caterers of mid-range Binoculars, which are aimed at providing quality products for your money. Simply, they are just worth your penny in every way! Yes, they don’t reach upto the marks of leading brands like Zeiss & Swarovski. But, in comparison of other brands of the same range, Zhumell Binoculars are Unbeatable, in their product quality, workmanship.

Few of the popular models in Zhumell are:

* Signature Series Binoculars

* Zhumell Astronomical

* Zhumell Short Barrel Binoculars.

Let’s see few of the Best Binoculars for Your Money, with good Discounts. Best binoculars for the money [DISCOUNT].

Many Websites offer good discounts on binoculars. Considering the Zhumell Binoculars itself, which are mid-price ranged, when ordered on www.Binoculars.com they give you for a discount price. If you are buying a model of 300$ you might get them for a close 200$, a 100$ discount. Definitely a worth trying, who doesn’t want to save money! Check out for yourself, on the website, offering great discounts, www.Binoculars.com

Best Binoculars under 200 $

* Hawke Endurance

* Vanguard

* Celestron

* Opticron

* Pentax

These are few of the models which are priced under 200$, enabling you to buy without much trouble.

Maintenance of Barbecue Grill

Whether your preference is on cooking in top rated gas grills or electric grills, cleaning a Barbecue grill is essential for the grilling procedure. So, here are some tips for the maintenance of Barbecue grills.

How to Clean a Grill in a good way

There are few essentials required to clean the grills. Few of them are wire brush, grill stones, paper towels, rags and some cleaning supplies. Cleaning is required for a smooth and trouble free cooking.

Interior Care

Cleaning Burners

Flame tamers are those that cover the burners. These are often called as heat tents or vaporizer bars. A wire brush is enough to clean these flame tamers. Care must be taken not to apply oil on the flame tamers.

Any type of burner should be checked by removing the flame tamers. There should be no clogging in the burners as it might lead to failure in cooking or uneven cooking. It is important to scrub the burners on a periodic basis to remove any food particle residue. In case of ceramic burners, careful cleaning is required. Tweezers must be used to remove the debris instead of hard scrubbing.


Brushing the cooking grates is very important to prevent any bacteria build up. Brushing process is different for different types of Grills.

For Gas grills, the burners should be switched off before cleaning. In case of using grill stones, water need not be used. But after cleaning, cooking oil must be applied on grates.

For Charcoal Grills, the grates should be cleaned while still hot. It is better to use wire brush that dispenses water to clean the grates.

For Cast Iron Grates and Chrome wire grates, clean the grates and apply edible oil to the grates.

Porcelain coated grates requires proper care and should not be handled roughly. Also, there is no need to apply oil to the grates unless the coating is missing. But applying cooking oil just electric grills before cooking will help a lot in the cooking process.

Note: After brushing, make sure to check the cooking surface is free of bristles.

Check for Crack

It is important to check for cracks in the fuel line. If you suspect a crack, then replace the line and if the connections are loose, then tighten it.

Venturi Tubes

These tubes need to be clean and clear for the Barbecue to work properly. Taking proper care of these tubes are important as blocks in these tubes lead to fire hazard. The venture tube should be properly aligned with the gas valve and should be replaced whenever it is dry.

The other steps are to check the Propane Level and ignition system.

Exterior Care

When it comes to exterior care, cleaning should be done based on the type of material used.

Porcelain coated exterior: As these are very delicate, use a mild soap and water, Dry the surface with rags or paper towels. For a better look, you can even use a window cleaner.

Powder coated Steel Surface: It is the same as that of the above, but do not use any polish as it is powder coated.

Stainless Steel Surface: Using warm, soapy water along with a little scrubbing will help to clean this type of surface. Then, plain warm water can be used to clean the soap and can be dried using a rag or paper towel.

If you want to know more on cleaning a particular type of grill , then read the user’s manual or bbq grill reviews.