Maintenance of Barbecue Grill

Whether your preference is on cooking in top rated gas grills or electric grills, cleaning a Barbecue grill is essential for the grilling procedure. So, here are some tips for the maintenance of Barbecue grills.

How to Clean a Grill in a good way

There are few essentials required to clean the grills. Few of them are wire brush, grill stones, paper towels, rags and some cleaning supplies. Cleaning is required for a smooth and trouble free cooking.

Interior Care

Cleaning Burners

Flame tamers are those that cover the burners. These are often called as heat tents or vaporizer bars. A wire brush is enough to clean these flame tamers. Care must be taken not to apply oil on the flame tamers.

Any type of burner should be checked by removing the flame tamers. There should be no clogging in the burners as it might lead to failure in cooking or uneven cooking. It is important to scrub the burners on a periodic basis to remove any food particle residue. In case of ceramic burners, careful cleaning is required. Tweezers must be used to remove the debris instead of hard scrubbing.


Brushing the cooking grates is very important to prevent any bacteria build up. Brushing process is different for different types of Grills.

For Gas grills, the burners should be switched off before cleaning. In case of using grill stones, water need not be used. But after cleaning, cooking oil must be applied on grates.

For Charcoal Grills, the grates should be cleaned while still hot. It is better to use wire brush that dispenses water to clean the grates.

For Cast Iron Grates and Chrome wire grates, clean the grates and apply edible oil to the grates.

Porcelain coated grates requires proper care and should not be handled roughly. Also, there is no need to apply oil to the grates unless the coating is missing. But applying cooking oil just electric grills before cooking will help a lot in the cooking process.

Note: After brushing, make sure to check the cooking surface is free of bristles.

Check for Crack

It is important to check for cracks in the fuel line. If you suspect a crack, then replace the line and if the connections are loose, then tighten it.

Venturi Tubes

These tubes need to be clean and clear for the Barbecue to work properly. Taking proper care of these tubes are important as blocks in these tubes lead to fire hazard. The venture tube should be properly aligned with the gas valve and should be replaced whenever it is dry.

The other steps are to check the Propane Level and ignition system.

Exterior Care

When it comes to exterior care, cleaning should be done based on the type of material used.

Porcelain coated exterior: As these are very delicate, use a mild soap and water, Dry the surface with rags or paper towels. For a better look, you can even use a window cleaner.

Powder coated Steel Surface: It is the same as that of the above, but do not use any polish as it is powder coated.

Stainless Steel Surface: Using warm, soapy water along with a little scrubbing will help to clean this type of surface. Then, plain warm water can be used to clean the soap and can be dried using a rag or paper towel.

If you want to know more on cleaning a particular type of grill , then read the user’s manual or bbq grill reviews.