DSLR Cameras – an addition you will never regret


Are you a shutter bug? Do you look at images shot by your friends and family and appreciate the beauty of their execution? You may also be very critical about the execution or the angle at which they are shot. May be you find yourself gazing too long at a picture trying to figure out what went wrong in it to not have got the desired result.

If you are all that and even more, you are freaking interested in photography. And by now what you thought was your hobby or just a way to earn your livelihood and taken over your life and you now house a secret passion for it. Well not a secret anymore. Because if you are constantly having the urge to click pictures that will last a life time or may be staying in some museum for the progeny, you better go out now and buy yourself a DSLR camera!

Here is a list of  s in the market today:

1. The Canon EOS 5DS is the one to go to if photography is your life. The exterior and the interior so complement each other that you will never feel that you are working. The image quality is too good.

2. The Canon EOS 7D is feature rich but still well priced. The autofocus is the latest feature to be added and it makes it a perfect candy to hold. It is weather proof and gives healthy images even in low lighting.

3. The Canon EOS 80D is a dream come true for the hobby photographers. The price is well tagged and the still and video quality is drool worthy.

4. The Canon Rebel T6i boasts of wow features and is an improvement from the most famous 5i series. Even though there is not much of a difference in upgrade between the two, still it is regarded slightly superior in quality. The Canon Rebel T5i is a precursor to this model and even though it did not have great features, a lot of photographers will swear that the quality of image is very good. Incidentally, almost all the photographers start on it because the function buttons are logically set and it is extremely ergonomic to hold and work too. It is most times referred to as the best Canon DSLR camera too.

Canon EOS Rebel T5i review:

This cam which was launched in the year 2013 was the part of the Rebel series. Canon has quickly refreshed this series from Ti to 6Ti in a gap of ten months each. This model is 1.8 ounces lighter than its predecessors. The weight does matter because carrying heavy equipments in the hand as long as it takes to shoot can be a daunting task. Even though T5i and T4i are identical in their specifications, the succeeding model will win hands down for its smoother exterior finish and light weight.

The T5i has the ability to get used with the STM technology or the automatic changing of lenses by the equipment by tracking the need and the subject matter of the image.

Nikon DSLR reviews:

Nikon has been Canon’s competitor a long as we can remember. Nikon is extremely versatile in technology and it also has the price advantage on its side. But at entry level cameras, a lot of people only prefer to pick up a canon. If you are also stuck on the question that which brand you must go to, we would recommend that you read about the individual features of them both before deciding which one will work for you best.