Make Your Kids Play Outside With Holy Stone Quadcopter


Modern day kids are smart and naughty as well it is difficult to keep them at one place. Their attention span is also small and they need new and exciting things to keep them occupied. Television, laptops, mobiles and tablets have been able to successfully do this.

Kids loving playing video games in their mobiles or tablets or laptops and spend a lot of time in front of these screens. Gone are the days when kids used to play football or skating outside and are more and more becoming couch potatoes. They are now happier to play these games in their mobiles.

Though this helps parents in babysitting them easily as there is no need to keep extra tab on them, it has serious side effects. Their eyes being fixed on the screen makes them to wear glasses at a young age. The kids keep playing all the time and watching a screen just before sleeping hinders the kid from having a good night’s sleep.

Obesity is also a serious problem with modern day kids, just sitting at one place and playing on a screen and eating side by side does not help the kids to grow and it increases the chance of obesity drastically.

Vitamin D which can only be easily obtained by exposing the skin to sunlight is also deficient in most kids these days as they are sitting inside their home and are glued to a screen most of the time apart from going to school. Hence it is important to get our kids to play outside.

There are some wonderful toys available to keep the kids excited. There are many drones for kidsavailable which would make for a great toy for the kids. To make it more exciting one can also fit the drones with a camera. You can fix a camera to the drone with gopro mount which makes it glued well.

Once the camera is fitted to the drone, we can set the camera in auto click mode to take pictures at regular intervals and fly the drone. Once we have the pictures ready we can insert image and link’and share it on social media with their friends.

Thus drones fitted with camera and getting them to post it on Instagram or Facebook would make them get excited and venture outside and try it out. Now you may get excited and ask are there cheap drones for me and my kids.

The answer is yes, there are many drones that are quite affordable and one can search on net and ecommerce sites. It is better to do a review and specify the budget. There are many brands that make good drones some of them are Holy stone quadcopter, Parrot Bebop etc. One can specify that you need a drone below certain USD | Parrot Bebop drone review| Holy stone quadcopter review.

With the review and budget one can choose what is best for them. One has to keep in mind on local laws and where they fly the drones to be on the safer side.